Missouri Valley
Model Railroad Club

HO scale train layout
221 West Third Street
Yankton, SD

Who can be a member?

The Club currently has over 16 members from all occupations-teachers, electricians, engineers, ministers, pilots, students, and so on.

Membership is open to anyone with an active interest in railroads and modeling. The level of experience ranges from the novice to experts. For most of us, the fun is in the learning.

To become a regular member, you must:

  • Full Membership: (18 years +) $25 per month. Members receives voting privileges, key to club property, expected to assist in train shows and open houses. (Dues are paid even if you are not present)
  • Associate Membership: $35 per year. Members received the rights to run trains on Monday nights (track availablity to first come). May attend business meetings and expected to assist in train shows and open houses.
  • Senior Membership: (62 years +) $25 per year and member privileges are the same as Associate Member.
  • Junior Membership: (12-18 years) $35 per year, member privileges are the same as Associate Member and must have parent or guardian approval.
  • Be approved by a two-thirds of the voting members.

What benifits do I get by being a member?

Full voting members have access to the layout at any time to run trains or work on modules. Full voting members are entitled to a module in which they build and maintain. Full member also have full voting rights, thus giving you say in the direction the club will go. Another benfit of having use of the club layout, you do not have to build a layout at home, saving you time, money and space.

What if I don't know how to build a module?

We all have different experiences and talents. We have members who are good at scenery but not so good at the electrical aspect and visa versa. Each of our members usually bring something to the club. If you have no talents at all, we will build the module with your direction.

How often do we meet?

We meet every Monday night from 6pm to around 8pm. If you are a full member, you can come and go as you want. As an associate member, you can use the layout with a voting member present.

What era can we build or can we pick what rail line we want to model?

The present era represented for about 2/3 of the layout is the early 1940s. The other 1/3 era is the later 1990s. The club does have some limited rolling stock in the yard, however most members run their own rolling stock. You can pick your era and you pick what railroad you want to model.

Where do I purchase trains in the Yankton area?

The Missouri Valley Model Railroad Club hosts one train show in the fall and there are several venders present. You can also purchase trains on the internet or retail hobby shops in Sioux Falls and Sioux City IA.  

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